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Saturday | January 11, 2003

But Remember That Condi Brings Everyone Together...

We wake up on this fine Saturday morning to find that the Bush Administrationís foreign policy is in a shambles. The coalition for a winter/spring invasion into Iraq no longer exists as of this morning, and now one administration official says, ďThe odds have gone down for war. We don't have a good war plan; the inspectors have unprecedented access to Iraq; we have just started giving them intelligence; we have to give them more time to see how this works. There is no reason to stop the process until it can't proceed any further." And that was someone inside the administration, not a critic like yours truly.

Yikes! No good war plan this late in the game?

And on the North Korean front, it seems that the Bushies have been caught flat-footed once again in responding to the North Korean pullout from the nonproliferation treaty. According to several stories in the New York Times, one unnamed official said "You step out of a meeting on this and you realize that you've heard 12 ideas and no consensus." And the Washington Post said the ongoing debate between the Cheney isolation camp and the engagement camp of Colin Powell has left the Bush team in disarray.

Sounds like Condi Rice isnít living up to her press clippings here.


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