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Saturday | January 11, 2003

And the Most Predictable Headline of the Year Award Goes to . . .

Bush Administration Shifts Blame for N. Korea Crisis
Clinton-Era Agreement Signed in '94
With Pyongyang Is Called Flawed


Remember that sign the Clinton campaign had down in Little Rock?


Well I'm reasonably sure that somewhere in the bowels of the Republican mothership -- maybe in some conference room over at RNC headquarters, or maybe in Karl Rove's White House office -- there is also a sign on a wall, and this one reads:


Ordinarily this wouldn't get my partisan juices flowing all that much. I'm pretty much resigned to the fact that from now until at least the end of the 21st century, Republicans will be trying to blame Bill Clinton for every single friggin' policy fiasco they drag this country into.

I've also accepted that the media whores will continue to be their agreeable sidekicks in this routine -- kinda like Ed McMahon on the old Johnny Carson show, sitting down at his end of the couch and shouting out things like "That's right, Johnny!" and "Heeeey-oh!"

That may be a little too harsh on Ed, who after all went on to do such great things with the Publisher's Clearing House. I mean, when was the last time a media whore sent you a fake check for $10 million?

Anyway, I've come to understand that all this is just chitta -- the meaningless, deluded babble of the "little" mind (a kind of cosmic Fox News) which the Buddha tells us we must transcend if we wish to attain enlightenment. (Tries to slide into Lotus position in front of the keyboard.) Uggggh. Jesus that hurts!

OK, so I'm too old and fat to achieve the Godhead. Still, if only for the sake of my blood pressure, I try not to overreact to trivial things.

But to pull this crap now -- when it has become painfully obvious to everyone who isn't on the Republican payroll that Team Bush has no choice but to return to the policy CLINTON left them with; and when their OWN Secretary of State has already confirmed that CLINTON's policy was correct; and when CLINTON's former energy secretary is the one trying to help them find a way out of this latrine hole they've dug for themselves . . .

Well, THAT'S enough to turn even the Buddha himself into a enraged postal worker.

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