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Tuesday | January 14, 2003

Maureen Dowd Gets Serious About Bush

Thanks to AvaDem, who beat me to the punch on this, take a look at Maureen Dowd’s column in Wednesday’s New York Times. Dowd, who was known for her scathing columns against Clinton, has written largely sarcastic columns about Bush’s foibles, attempting to use humor to show Bush as a buffoon, and his advisers as adults watching the boy king play while they run the world and keep it safe for oil companies. But with this column, Dowd goes at Bush head on; there is no humor involved here.

As Billmon, Dr. Vital, and others of you have stated in recent posts, maybe the worm is turning with these guys. Yes, Bush will still be largely popular with his base, notwithstanding the new pipe dream rumblings reported by RParker about a Dixiecrat challenge to Bush. But MyDD points out that the rock solid 90% approval within the GOP base is slipping also, and some of that is coming from Bush’s corporate benefactors. It appears that the overall trend of the poll numbers lately is flat or going downward. It is too early to make a great deal about polls, yet some of these polls are taken after he rolled out his cure for the economy, and it didn’t sell with Main Street enough to give him an uptick in voters’ assessment of his ability to handle the economy. And with his certain invasion next month no matter what the UN says, and the resulting economic impact that will have, and you can see little reason for upward movement in the poll numbers soon, especially given the worries of voters about the economy, even if they support the coming invasion.

Dean David Broder and Dowd have blasted the man in the same week. And it is only Wednesday.


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