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Thursday | January 16, 2003

Tough act to follow

Much to the chagrin of many, it's true -- I'm back. Love 'em or hate 'em, I am completely indebted to Steve Soto and Billmon for filling in. They transformed what could've been a barren, foreboding place the past two weeks into a happening place.

I am just worried they may have done too good a job. Can you believe that traffic sharply increased these past few weeks?

It's like Regis having a guest host and seeing his ratings increase in his absence. It kind of makes you wonder...

So I fired them.

Okay, no I didn't. In fact, I've given my two guest contributors a standing offer -- they say the word, and I'll build them a blog. And, both of them will be allowed to post guest editorials whenever the mood strikes them.

But this is once again my home. Now if I only had something to say. Can you believe that for most of the past two weeks, I had to rely on newspapers for news? Don't ask me how I coped. I had to dig deep to find the fortitude to carry on.

And the long nightmare wouldn't end -- as I arrived home late yesterday from the airport, my wife wouldn't let me get on the computer! Ghastly, I know. She wanted to "talk". Granted, I hadn't seen her in nearly two weeks, but I needed to know -- had Daschle outmaneouvered Frist on the committee funding issue? Priorities.

But I'm finally back. Please be kind.

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