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Sunday | January 19, 2003

Latest numbers: Bush not looking so hot

Bush's downward spiral continues, while the American public remains skeptical on a new Iraq war.

On the job approval front, Bush is clocking in at 56 percent in the latest Newsweek poll, and 53 percent in the just-released CNN-Time poll. Only 50 percent approve of the president's foreign policy efforts,

On the war front, the numbers look even worse for Bush: by a 60-35 margin, most respondents would prefer the US allow time to reach an alternative to war. There is strong support for war only if the US has full UN backing and more than one or two allies (in other words, Britain would not make the invasion "multilateral").

The polling history graph over at Pollkatz hasn't been updated with the latest numbers, but it's clear that those nesweekly poll numbers are confirming Bush's slide into oblivion. So does peace stand a chance after those numbers drop below 50 percent? The cynic says "no". (I disagree, even if I am a cynic. War is still not inevitable.)

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