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Thursday | January 23, 2003

Diplomacy, Bush style

Bush I built an impressive coalition to help drive Iraq from Kuwait. GHWB was a consumate diplomat, with a deep understanding and respect for our allies and the need to build legitimacy through existing international frameworks. This is how things are done in the sequel:

As the dispute heated up, leaders reacted angrily Thursday to Defense Secretary Donald H. Rumsfeld's dismissal of France and Germany as the "old Europe," saying the comments underscore America's arrogance.
Of course, it's time for the Chickenhawk Right to start demonizing the French and Germans. They're either "with us" or "against us", right?

One interesting turn of events has been the emergence of a more hawkish Powell. Does this mean he has surrendered to the Chickenhawk brigade within the administration?

Powell said in an interview that he did not see the point of further delay for more inspections.

"How much longer should inspections go on?" he asked in an question-and-answer session with representatives of a group of American newspapers. "One month, two months, three months? What will be the difference if they (the Iraqis) are simply trying to get time in order to frustrate the purpose of the inspections?"

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