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Friday | January 24, 2003

Daschle releases Dems stimulus plan

Daschle has released the Democrat's stimulus plan. It includes an immediate $300 per person tax cut, billions of cash aid to ailing states, additional unemployment assistance and help for small businesses. You know -- the kinds of things that actually stimulate consumer spending. Sadly, unlike Bush's plan, Daschle's doesn't promise to "leave no millionaire behind."

It will be interesting to see how Republican governors react, given they desperately need help to close massive budget deficits yet are being left with nothing but unfunded mandates by Bush.

We bitched about it for a long time, but the Dems are finally acting the part of "loyal opposition".

Daschle's speech was part of a broader Democratic attempt to counter the administration's economic proposals. The party's leader in the House, Rep. Nancy Pelosi of California, proposed an alternative earlier this month, and she and Daschle plan a joint appearance on Monday that their offices described as a "pre-buttal to President Bush's State of the Union Address."
Of course, one wonders why Daschle and Pelosi didn't release a single joint plan to show party unity, but hey, it's baby steps in the right direction.

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