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Tuesday | January 28, 2003

Bush's SOTU

"Our union is strong".

Yup, the union has been stronger than this year. Tacit admission that things aren't going so hot.

But he's going to propose, get this, "bold steps".

First on the agenda, of course...

"The economy grows when Americans have more money to spend and invest..." And predictably, tax cuts are the solution. But what happened to Round 1 of the tax cuts? He won't say. He just wants to bust deficits even more by making his first round of taxes effective immediately. Republicans cheer. Democrats check the bank balance.

Man, he uses that "average of $1,000" per taxpayer savings. McCain looked skeptical. Still no talk about budget deficits...

Oh no, now he's crying about the unfairness investors endure with "double taxation"! I guess this is speaking to the average American's domestic concerns?

Budget will increase only 4 percent, the average rate (supposedly) of the average family's income growth.

Social Security privatization
He mentions it without saying the word "privatization". And he moves on quickly.

Health Care
"High quality affordable health care for all Americans". The Dems stand and cheer. So what's the proposal? Not single-payer. He pooh-poohs that.

"Instead of bureaucrats and trial lawyers, we have to put doctors and nurses back in charge of American healthcare". What about HMOs? Oh yeah, they're in the GOP's pocket.

So this is the president's health care proposal? Tort reform? Jesus! I wish I was kidding...

For seniors, $400 billion over 10 years to strengthen Medicare. Sounds good, but how will we pay for it? Not with tax cuts....

Energy and Environment
"Clear sky initiative".
"Healthy forest intitiative".
"Protect the environment in ways our [predecessors] never imagined"

Ha ha ha! By cutting down forests!

$1.2 billion for hydrogen powered automobiles. Tries to explain this and stumbles ("hydrogen-powered energy cell" taxed his brain).

Wow! No mention of ANWR ...

Blah blah blah Faith-Based Initiative blah blah hear and soul blah blah Freedom Corps blah blah.

$450 million for mentors -- organized by GOVERNMENT! I thought Republicans hated government...

Drugs -- "crowds out friendship". Huh?

$600 million over the next three years on drug treatment. Sounds good.
But how are we going to pay for it?

So far, no real bombshells....

No partial-birth abortions. He quickly moves on.

Opposes human cloning. Very bold.

"We'll continue to help rebuild their country". Well, we'd have to start rebuilding before we get to "continue".

Middle Easy
Continue working to secure peace between Palestinians and Israelis. (see Afghanistan)

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