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Tuesday | January 28, 2003

Final thoughts and Open Thread

Well, that live update stuff was extremely exhausting. I don't know if I'll ever do that again.

Anyway, was it me, or did Bush look like he was drugged? Very little emotion. Weird. Completely different than a year ago.

Bush went out on a limb on his "evidence", so all eyes will now be on Powell to actually provide his "Adlai moment" to back it all up. But NONE of the "evidence" provided, if true, would justify an invasion.

What, low-level connections between Iraq and al Qaeda? If that's enough, we better focus our guns on Saudi Arabia -- the ultimate source of the terrorist network's funding and manpower. And next on the list would be Pakistan. Then Chechnya (we could lend the Russians a hand). Etc. etc.

Now, had Saddam planned the WTC attacks. Or had he provided funding. Or bases. Or weaponry. But Bush's whole rationale is that Iraq provided refuge to some Al Qaeda terrorists. Weak...

Anyway, I'm exhausted and hungry. You guys can carry on without me.

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