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Tuesday | February 04, 2003

Bush's poll numbers still dropping

Two polls released today give Bush decent numbers on Iraq, but terrible numbers on domestic concerns.

An ABC News/Washington Post poll show that 56 percent of Americans believe the president's tax cut plan favors the rich. Only a quarter believe it benefits all Americans equally. These numbers are unchanged from before the SOTU address.

In addition, his approval ratings are 51 percent on taxes, 47 percent on the federal budget, 46 percent on prescription drugs, 44 percent on Medicare, and 44 percent on the economy.

Meanwhile, an LA Times poll shows that Bush's overall approval ratings are down to 56 percent -- a seven-point drop from the LAT's December numbers. His approval ratings amongst independents is down to 51 percent -- a 12-point drop from December. There's more:

On health care: 40 percent approve, 45 percent disapprove.

On the budget: 42 percent approve, 43 percent disapprove (and this poll was taken before the headlines of record deficits).

On the economy: 45 percent approve, 47 percent disapprove. And this is the funniest part -- 85 percent of Republicans think Bush has handled the economy well. Given the mess he's created, if this is what Republicans consider good handling of the economy, then my overall respect for those guys has taken a hit. Only 22 percent of Democrats think Bush is doing a good job on the economy. If you want, we can attribute those numbers to partisanship.

But what do independents think? Only 37 percent approve of Bush's handling of the economy. Ouch.

Want more? Okay, when explained the difference between the GOP and Democratic tax plans, the Democratic plan received more support (44-36). 80 percent oppose the tax plan if it forces the government to raid the social security trust fund (which it is already doing).

On the other hand, poll respondents seem conflicted about Iraq -- while most are unconvinced of a need to attack Iraq, most (57-38) would support the president if he invades.

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