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Sunday | February 09, 2003

Bush Has Lost the Security Council

As Dr. Vital alerts us, it appears that France, Germany, and possibly Russia have had enough of the tongue-lashings from Rumsfeld and Bush, and the please-believe-us evidence from Powell. France and Germany will be moving ahead with their own resolution by as early as Friday that would undercut the US and Britain and the drive for invasion. Of course this will create the scenario whereby the US and Great Britain will have to vote against this resolution in favor of their own green light for war. But just the fact of competing resolutions and the isolation Bush will experience from this makes the likely invasion weeks away all the more worrisome for all.

And as many of you have said in the threads, Bush played this perfectly into the hands of Al Qaeda, especially with Iran starting to voice the need for attention to the Israel-Palestinian tensions. What will be interesting to see is how many of the New Europe countries that we claim support us jump to the alternate resolution once it is presented. And while the US media talks about the compelling case that Powell made, they continue to ignore the fact that Rumsfeldian bellicosity and the new evidence apparently did not sway our allies or the overseas media.

Given the poll numbers that indicate how many Americans still feel that UN or multinational support is critical for us to invade, how will Bush fare when he goes in anyway with an alternate resolution on the table that is clear evidence of his inability to garner such support?


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