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Tuesday | February 11, 2003

Estrada filibuster is on

It's official -- Democrats are filibustering the Estrada nomination, and have the votes to make it stick. In a sign that this could get really interesting, Senate Republicans are going to try and wait it out.

So who will blink first?

Every day that the Senate is deadlocked on this nomination is one less day the Senate has to work on Bush's reactionary agenda. So the GOP can keep this up for the next two years and make lots of people really happy.

Or, they could get Estrada to answer some basic questions and not insult the Senate by claiming he has no opinion on Roe v. Wade or any number of other important legal issues.

Daschle is on:

Republicans warned that Democrats are setting what they called a dangerous precedent by preventing a confirmation vote on a circuit court judge.

"I'll tell you what's even a worse precedent," Daschle shot back. "A secret approach employed by this administration to deny senators the right to adequate information to make their judgment."

Once again, if the GOP is so sure it is right, and that its agenda is supported by the American people, why all the deceit?

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