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Friday | February 14, 2003

Hans Blix: Inspections working

I didn't get to see Hans Blix's presentation to the UN Security Council, but early reports indicate Blix didn't give the US the pretext for invasion it desperately wanted.

From CNN's report:

  • No convincing evidence that Iraqis have known in advance of inspectors' plans

  • Iraq has accepted an offer to talk with South African experts on disarmament

  • U.N. weapons inspectors have found no weapons of mass destruction in Iraq, but won't rule out the possibility they may exist

  • Iraq must account for status of anthrax and VX (a nerve agent) and long-range missiles

  • Not clear that U.S. Secretary of State Colin Powell conclusively demonstrated illicit movement of arms

  • Interviews with four Iraqi scientists were helpful
  • Inspectors have so far found no evidence of nuclear weapons but are still investigating

  • Iraq has provided immediate access to all inspection locations

  • International Atomic Energy Agency will increase inspectors and support staff

  • Iraq has provided documentation on several outstanding issues, but the documents did not fully clarify the matters

  • Iraqi cooperation "will speed up the process," although it is possible to complete inspections without cooperation
The most interesting part of the presentation, as far as I can tell (and this is all still from the early press reports), is Blix's arguments that Powell is full of shit.
Blix also said that the satellite photographs of a declared site Powell presented to the council last week could have shown routine activity, rather than the movement of illicit materials.

He also said that screening on chemical and biological samples taken from suspected sights has been consistent with Iraq's declaration.

Ouch. Powell is not having a good week.

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