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Wednesday | February 19, 2003

Has a Subtle Powell Scapegoating Begun?

Thursdayís Washington Post is running an interesting story that follows the theme set by Tom Friedman on Wednesday, wherein Friedman complained that the Bush Administration didnít invest itself enough in visiting allies and selling our agenda. Now comes the Post on Thursday with a story whose premise is that Colin Powell spends too much time on the phone. Yes, thatís right; according to the Post and their source for this story, the Bushies are having trouble selling their imperial foreign policy not because Pax Americana and nuclear pre-emption are counterproductive to coalition building and diplomacy. Rather, the problem seems to rest with Powell and his alleged preference for conducting diplomacy by phone, rather than visiting allies overseas personally.

Two things jump out about this story. First, the source for this story is planting the notion that itís Powellís fault that he canít sell Rummy/Wolfie/Uncle Dickís Pax Americana; it canít possibly be that the conservativesí wet dream itself is flawed and offensive to our allies. Secondly, the Powell allies referenced in the story imply that the reason why Powell doesnít travel and sends his subordinates instead is due to the internal turf battles within the Administration.

Interesting. The Post comes up with a lamebrain scapegoating attempt against Powell, and his folks throw it back at the White Houseís feet.

No wonder these guys are screw-ups.


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