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Friday | February 21, 2003

Turkey agrees to US forces (almost)

Although there's no formal deal yet, Turkey's foreign minister says there is "broad agreement" with the US on the details of a US deployment.

The deal is closer to being struck as the US has apparently offered larger loan guarantees.

But there are three sticking points to this potential deal:

  1. The Turkish Parliament must approve any troop deployment. While the ruling party controls parliament, it will not force its legislators to vote "yes" on the deal. That means every legislator can vote his or her conscience on the issue. And given the Turkish public's strong opposition to war (in the realm of 80 percent), it may be difficult for deputies to vote "aye".

  2. The US Congress must approve the aid package. Given Bush's massive deficits and increased anti-war sentiment in Congress, there's no guarantee the aid package would pass the Senate (the House is probably a given).

  3. Finally, the Turks are demanding that the US promise to disarm Kurdish groups controlling northern Iraq after the war, under Turkish supervision. It's clear the Kurds won't passively let themselves be disarmed under threat of their biggest enemy, and could easily draw the US into another war.

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