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Monday | February 24, 2003

Help elect Iraq's civil admininstrator

The Bush Administration is drawing up post-war plans, including the installment of a Civil Admininstration to bridge over the transition period to a supposed Iraqi democracy.

At the core of a post-Saddam administration would be the U.S. Central Command. Gen. Tommy Franks, who is the head of Central Command, and his troops would remain in charge of security and stability for Iraq when the shooting stops.

The goal would be to keep those troops in place as long as necessary but also install a civilian administrator so there is no appearance solely of a U.S. military occupation of Iraq.

That civil administrator is supposed to be prominent American, which spurred RonK to suggest the following:
The Plan envisions New Iraq under the Civil Administration of a prominent American ... but it doesn't say which prominent American.

Can dKOS readers help by nominating, and eventually "electing", the new C.A.?

Wonderful idea! The nomination process is officially open. I'll tally the top nominees and we can face them off later in the week.

Since we're handling this aspect of the "reconstruction" process, perhaps the Bush Administration can spare a moment to perhaps, well, handle an obviously agitated North Korea.

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