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Thursday | February 27, 2003

Musgrove to run for reelection

Speaking of breaks, the Democrats just got another one -- Mississippi Governor Ronnie Musgrove will run for reelection, killing rumors he would step down to become president of Delta State University.

Democrats in Mississippi are in interesting breed -- far to the right of the national party. As such, there's a tendency amongst many who visit this site to dismiss them (and other Southern Dems) as DINOs (like Landrieu).

However, the November 2003 elections will have great import on 2004. We have statewide elections in Louisiana, Mississippi and Kentucky -- all southern states. If the GOP can make a strong showing, this will give Republicans momentum heading into 2004, reigniting the "Bush and Republicans are so popular" story lines in the press.

However, if Dems make a strong showing, the opposite will be true. We'll have a press wondering whether Bush has lost his magic touch. Many will credit the poor economy for the GOP's poor showing, putting the party on the defensive. It doesn't matter whether it's true or not, the perception will be there, and that's all that's important. And it will color press coverage through the 2004 election cycle.

Musgrove has a better chance of retaining the state house for the Dems than anyone else in an open race. One can never discount the advantages of incumbency.

It doesn't matter whether these southern Democrats are your "type" of Democrat. We must win these races to improve our chances in 2004.

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