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Thursday | March 06, 2003

US and Pakistan on Bin Laden's trail. Maybe.

Using intelligence gathered from recently captured Al Qaeda bigwig Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, US and Pakistani forces are sweeping border areas suspected of harboring Osama Bin Laden himself.

I've heard rumors that Bush would announce OBL's capture tonight at his prime time press conference. (The Guardian story alludes to rumors of OBL's capture as well.) I don't buy it. Not only has the rumor been denied by the US and Pakistan, but if true, the info would've been leaked a million times by now.

More likely perhaps will be an "update" on the nation's war on terror. Bush may be hoping to dispel the notion that the US can't fight Iraq and AQ at the same time. Or, perhaps he's looking to shore up support for his war of aggression.

In any case, I wonder why the US and Pakistan are so sure of the intel they're getting from Mohammed. If I were the guy, I'd be making shit up just to watch everyone scramble around and waste their time and resources on garbage intel.

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