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Sunday | March 09, 2003

Daschle's people join Graham

Kos here, back and rested after a couple days at Point Reyes communing with nature and friends. Upon return, C.S. sent me this link.

Paul Johnson will take [Florida Sen. Bob Graham's] manager's role. He ran Tom Daschle's 1986 Senate campaign and Ted Muenster's 1990 Senate race in South Dakota. Daschle people who planned on working for his presidential campaign will join Graham.
The big mystery is who the term "Daschle people" refers to. It most likely wouldn't include Steve Hildenbrand, who engineered Sen. Tim Johnson's improbable victory and Sen. Landrieu's resurgent runoff campaign. Hildenbrand has signed on to Daschle's re-election effort. But a campaign is more than one guy. Does Graham get any of the strategists behind the Dems South Dakota and Louisiana victories? Does he get the benefit of consulting work from Hildenbrand himself?

If so, Graham may have a huge leg up on the opposition. The Daschle team went head to head against the best the Rove crew could dish, and emerged victorious both times.

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