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Tuesday | March 11, 2003

Partial-birth abortion bill set to pass

It looks as though the Senate will pass, and Bush will sign, a bill outlawing the so-called "partial-birth" abortions.

The GOP claims it has written the law to satisfy Constitutional concerns, but it's always unclear how the Supreme Court will handle the issue.

What is clear is that the pro-choice movement has become complacent. Women have assumes their abortion rights are safe and secure, grossly underestimating the GOP's desire to restrict such rights. Organizations like NARAL decry the general apathy amongst women -- especially the younger generations that haven't had to fight for such rights.

Will this be a wakeup call? Beats me. This really isn't my issue and I don't follow it too closely. But there's no doubt that the anti-abortion forces are probing the Supreme Court, trying to find language that will allow them to crack the judicial facade fascilitating abortion procedures.

It's the tactical equivalency of the military "gaining a foothold". And woe to abortion rights if the Right can establish a beachhead.

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