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Saturday | March 15, 2003

Technology and the DNC/CDP

I have been harsh on the party for its technology efforts, not without cause. While the Dems sat back on superior GOTV efforts, the GOP worked on building its technology infrastructure and now is leaps and bounds ahead of what our side can muster.

I have been talking to people at the DNC the last few days (they read this weblog), and I got the sense that they at least recognize the hole they're in. The feeling was "love him or hate him, at least McAuliffe has invested a great deal of money in our technology department".

Like I said, our side still trails, but it seems priorities have been set straight.

Yesterday at the California Democratic Party convention I attended the party's "computer and Internet" caucus. Don't cringe too much when you visit their website.

Keep in mind this is California -- the world's high-tech hub, land of 35 million, the sixth largest economy in the world, and this is the best the party's technology caucus could muster? But it went beyond the poor website.

Where to start? The committee was chaired by older individuals who seemed to have little technology background. The meeting was bogged down by arguments over a silly resolution demanding the state support the university system (which, of course, had nothing to do with technology). The obnoxious parliamentarians in the crowd challenged every step at the meeting ("Point of order: was that agenda item in the pre-approved agenda?"). One guy, seemingly hoping to drum up business for his consulting company, made a presentation for technology several years old and then pegged the price at triple market value -- and everyone was impressed.

And there was a feeling amongst the crew that the DNC needed to help the state party bail them out. Hate to say it, but the DNC has its hands full just getting its own house in order.

It was sad. The only bright spot was a couple of younger guys who knew where the party needs to go. One of them tried to make a presentation and was interrupted by the aforementioned parliamentary (damn Robert's Rules of Order to hell!) maneouvers and a steady stream of politicians passing through to politick.

Of course, young guys may have the energy, but not the time. I may jump in the fray and try and help out. Time permitting...

California worries me, especially. The Dems swept every statewide office and has commanding leads in its state legislature and congressional delegation The California Republican Party is a shambles, but if smart, they will do what the national GOP did -- bid its time while building up its technological infrastructure. I hope complacency doesn't set in among Democrats.

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