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Saturday | March 22, 2003

Some fraying on the edges

Time for a war update.

None found. Yet. They may exist, of course, but the missiles fired into Kuwait were not Scuds. And given that Israel still hasn't been hit, perhaps Iraq's claims that it had none were true. Also no signs of banned weapons, but it's early. We know they haven't been used, but even if Saddam has them, they likely won't be used.

Arab Allies
With allies like these, who needs friends?

Saudi ArabiaSaudi Arabia urged the United States and Iraq on Saturday to halt what it termed an illegitimate war which risked igniting further Arab anger.

Bahrain:THE US-led invasion of Iraq was condemned yesterday by Bahrain's National Assembly, which combines the appointed Shura Council and the elected Parliament.

They agreed to a statement condemning the attacks on Iraq and showing solidarity with its people at its meeting yesterday.

The war is against the will of the international community and United Nations (UN) resolutions, it declared in a statement released after the meeting.

Fact is, other than Kuwait, none of Iraq's other neighbors have expressed support for this war. Given that they would have the most to fear from a militaristic Saddam, this just gives continuous proof that Saddam wasn't the threat Bush claimed he was.

Warm welcomes. Or maybe not
This is a sobering piece for all those "war reporters" who have breathlessly reported on the gleeful welcome US toops received in southern Iraq.

They were unforgettable images: Residents of this southern Iraqi town openly welcoming coalition forces. They danced in the streets as a picture of Saddam Hussein was torn down.

That was yesterday.

Traveling unescorted into Safwan today, I got a far different picture. Rather than affection and appreciation, I saw a lot of hostility toward the coalition forces, the United States and President Bush.


[They asked:] Why are you here in this country? Are you trying to take over? Are you going to take our country forever? Are the Israelis coming next? Are you here to steal our oil? When are you going to get out?

And these are the people the REALLY hate Saddam. So much for flowers and waving US flags. This isn't the liberation of Kuwait City. This is an invasion. We are the invaders. Rarely do people welcome invaders with open arms.

Iraqi Kurdistan
Things are looking grim in northern Iraq.

Kurdish troops inside northern Iraq were in a tense standoff with Turkish forces late yesterday after Ankara deployed tanks and commandos at least 24km south of its border with Iraq, the London Sunday Telegraph reported.
The US has desperately tried to pressure Turkey into staying out of the conflict. But after seeing the US flout the international community in its quest for war, Turkey is under no compulsion to show any restraint.

Under the Bush Doctrine, all Turkey has to do is refer to some future potential terrorist threat to justify its aggression against Iraqi Turkistan, and it has predictably done so. All norms of international conduct are moot. Any beligerant action can be easily justified. International opinion is irrelevant.

Welcome to Bush's Brave New World.

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