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Sunday | March 23, 2003

The face of war

The whole world is seeing pictures and video of dead US soldiers except us here in the US. (Some of the pictures can be viewed here.)

There are legitimate concerns about sensitivity to families, but frankly, everyone should see these pictures. Everyone should have a clear understanding about what war means. Real war -- not aseptic war fought by proxies.

True, there's nothing we can do to end this one expect pray that it ends quickly, but there's a lesson here everyone needs to learn.

War kills people, and it's not always the "other side" that does the dying.

So next time you hear the "neocons" who sold us this bill of goods talk about Iran or Syria or whatever their next target may be -- let they by tarred and feathered.

Our military is doing the best it can under terrible circumstances. The brass fought this whole mess from the beginning, leaking dissent until Rumsfeld angrily shut the spigot.

So let me reiterate -- the Pentagon is doing its job best it can.

The blame for our dead and wounded rests entirely on the Chickenhawk Brigade, led by President Bush and Halliburton CEO Cheney.

I saw his press conference today, and I must admit that I was struck by his appearance. He wasn't cocky, he wasn't as self-assured as before. His hair is now nearly white -- a trait all presidents seem to adopt. He seemed weary, despite his Camp David weekend.

My perception has always been that Bush didn't give a damn, early to bed, sleeping soundly as our nation's youth was squandered in a faraway land for Halliburton's gain.

But now I'm not so sure. Perhaps today (15 US dead, 12 captured) brought home the realities of the situation -- that he's been conned by the neocons into thinking this would be bloodless (for us), and that it would seal his reelection victory.

Or perhaps I'm giving Bush too much credit. But if not him, then at least the rest of the nation can (re)learn the lesson: war should be reserved as a tool of last resort.

Period. Let the pictures bring it home, as sickening as they may be.

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