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Thursday | March 27, 2003

All's (relatively) quiet on the Iraqi front

Yeah, I know there are reports of engagements all throughout Iraq as guerillas continue to harrass the US and UK advance and their supply lines. But in the greater scheme of things, things are quiet.

The US was back to bombing empty buildings in Baghdad (really, how many millions of dollars in ordnance do we need to drop on an empty palace?), but overall, there appears to be a lull as the frontline units get some much-needed rest and are resupplied (they are low on fuel and artillery).

The next big battle is for Kerbala, where the Republican Guard's Medina Division is holed up. It appears as though 3ID and the 101st will join up for the assault. They are supposed to go through to Baghdad, but I'm not seeing it. I think they'll have to wait for reinforcements.

Kerbala will keep them tied down for a while.

As for the northern front, it's no big deal, really. 1,000 light infantry parachuted around an airfield in Kurd-controlled territory. That infantry has no armor (it's airborne), and would not get far on its own. I suspect those troops will provide local security for that airfield throughout the war.

That airfield will probably be used for helicopter gunships, and, if the US is crazy, to bring in heavy armor.

A better use for that airfield would be to resupply Kurdish fighters and use them as a proxy army (a la Northern Alliance). Though that would piss of the Turks. Hmmm.

What if those paratroopers sit up there, with a squadron of Apaches, and merely threaten to open up that second front? That may tie up enough Iraqi troops to at least make the southern offensive a bit easier.

In any case, that US forces up north are pretty irrelevant at this point, despite all the fanfare and hoopla at their arrival.

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