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Wednesday | April 02, 2003

Bush is depressed

This could very well be the most pathetic piece I have ever seen written about Bush, and the competition is fierce.

It seems Bush is a little depressed about the war he inflicted upon our nation, and he's been a little hard on himself. So everybody, please, feel sorry for him. Because, you see, as our men and women die in Iraq, in addition to thousands of civilians, this is all about him.

People who know Bush well say the strain of war is palpable. He rarely jokes with staffers these days and occasionally startles them with sarcastic putdowns. He's being hard on himself; he gave up sweets just before the war began. He's frustrated when armchair generals or members of his own team express doubts about U.S. military strategy. At the same time, some of his usual supporters are concerned by his insistence on sticking with the original war plan. [...]

Friends say the conflict is consuming Bush's days and weighing heavily on him. ''He's got that steely-eyed look, but he is burdened,'' says a friend who has spent time with the president since the war began. ''You can see it in his eyes and hear it in his voice. I worry about him.''

A piece like this doesn't get written without the go-ahead from Rove. So what's the angle? What is the White House trying to sell? And why am I so offended by it, to my very core?

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