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Tuesday | April 08, 2003

Cattle Call 2004: 4/8 -- the money edition

Last edition's rankings: 1) Kerry, 2) Gephardt, 3) Dean, 4) Edwards, 5) Lieberman, 6) Graham, 7) Sharpton, 8) Kucinich, 9) Moseley Braun, and others.

This week's rankings:

1. John Kerry
$7 million and a right jab to Tom DeLay have reasserted Kerry as the solid frontrunner. The nation's wartime environment may help innoculate war hero Kerry from much of the criticism the GOP and its Mighty Wurlitzer will hurl his way. However, he's falling in the polls (now tied with Dean for the NH lead), and must contend with a surging Dean in an increasingly acrimonious atmosphere.

2. Howard Dean
Dean has boasted a solid $2.6 million in Q1 and surging poll numbers. His dollar amount may seem small compared to Kerry and Edwards, but he needs far less cash than his opponents. His volunteer network alone is worth millions. However, can he adapt to the political post-war environment, or is he too "boxed in" by his strident anti-war stance?

3. Dick Gephardt
Wasn't his greatest asset supposed to be his fundraising prowess? His $3.6 million came woefully under the Kerry and Edwards numbers, and are insufficient for him to compete. If he can't ratchet up these numbers expect him to drop out before the year is out.

4. John Edwards
$7.6 million talks, but he needs the poll numbers to follow. His Senate re-elect numbers are solid (despite talk to the contrary), so he may stick around long enough to push up his Name ID, then drop out and focus on his re-election bid.

5. Joe Lieberman
When you have 100 percent Name ID, and barely beat out the unknown Dean in the fundraising battle ($3 million), things are bleak in your neck of the woods. Lieberman doesn't have the poll numbers in the early primary states, his fundraising is lacking, and draws the ire of much of the party base (the people who vote in primary elections). Lieberman is another who may not see the end of the year.

6. Bob Graham
Raised $1 million from a hospital bed. Not too shabby. Still, he needs to actually, well, campaign.

7. Al Sharpton
Stop knocking Al. He's run an excellent campaign, and is doing a great job in rehabilitating his image. You can bring up Tawana all you want, I bring up the bang-up job he's doing beating up on Bush.

8. Kucinich
Still in the "embarrassing" column.

9. Carol Moseley-Braun
Is she still in the race?

Others: Biden, Clark, and Hart.

Full disclosure: I am a Clark supporter.

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