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Friday | April 11, 2003

Open Thread: 4/11

I'll be out another few days ('till next Tuesday), as I have trips to LA and Vegas in the cards, as well as a visit from the inlaws to boot. Steve G. will keep up his excellent posting in my absence, joined by the sagacious RonK from Seattle. They should form quite the potent team.

What happened to Billmon you all ask? Well, you all kept ordering him to "get his own blog". And though he valiantly resisted, the peer pressure was too much to bear. He caved:

Whiskey Bar
I hope he still comes by and visit sometimes. Billmon follows in Steve Soto's footsteps -- who abandoned me to the wolves back in February.
The Left Coaster
The Draft Clark website is almost done. The content is still sparse, as I've been busy simply building out the technical backend (the same backend I will use for the new revamped dKos coming your way in a few weeks). But that'll change rapidly over the next few weeks as me and other motivated Clark fans help flesh the site out.

Oh, I still have to add the online petition to the site, but since word has gotten out about it, I might as well tell everyone about it. Consider the site to be in "beta" mode.

I'll probably do a "hard launch" of the site mid-next week.

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