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Wednesday | April 16, 2003

So will Gary Hart run?

As time passed, the chances of Gary Hart running have seemed to wane. Word was that he was having trouble raising money. And let's be honest, Monkey Business will never go away. Perhaps that was a reason that Hart's buzz was, well, non existant.

But what to make of this?

The e-mail sent to political science students at the University of California at Berkeley seeks interns to work on Hart's presidential campaign for two months this summer and "be foot soldiers in the fight to get a true leader into the Oval office."

"The Gary Hart campaign is currently in the process of staffing and setting up offices which will be up and running this summer," the e-mail opens. "The offices will be staffed entirely by students, in accordance with Senator Hart's theory that 'The best campaigns are those that empower the young.'"

Ha ha, "empower the young". That would be a nice way to spin "we have no money so we want to staff up with volunteer interns".

If the email came from the campaign. But it didn't. It was apparently the work of an over-eager college student.

There is still no Hart campaign, and little indication that there will be any. Hart gets at least nominal coverage so long as he remains a "prospective" candidate. If he drops out, he will, like Gore, become invisible and irrelevant.

And it's hard to run for Presi Secretary of State when you don't exist.

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