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Sunday | April 20, 2003

Moving to victory in 2004

There is obviously still a lot of hostility amidst the left regarding 2000. Did Greens cost us the election or not? Are people duty bound to vote their conscience? Are the Democrats as evil as Republicans?

Blah blah blah it's all bullshit.

Truth is, we can't know for sure what effect Nader had on the 2000 election. There is evidence for both sides, so please don't rehash it. And even if Nader costs us 2000? So what? That may have been A GOOD THING?

How can I say that? Because it demonstrated, for everyone spoiled after eight years of Clinton peace and prosperity, that there is a difference between Republicans and Democrats.

There are those that will never admit that. They are a lost cause. Forget them. I know many Green voters who will come back into the fold this upcoming election. But, hurling accusations at them won't help facilitate the process. So enough of that shit. 2000 happened in 2000. We have a far more important election in 2004. In many ways, our job is easier. Anyone who continues to argue that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans is now an idiot. IGNORE them.

Are they both beholden to corporate interests? Of course. It's which corporate interests that's important. I'll take trial lawyers over energy interests any day. I'll take unions over tobacco companies. I'll take Hollywood over the Military Industrial Complex. I'll take Silicon Valley over Big Media.

In 2004, two parties will fight for supremacy. It will be vicious, bloody, brutal. The country will be divided like never before -- the legacy of a pretender president who promised to unite, yet pursued the most divisive agenda in American history. (Hyperbole? I'm not so sure.)

Third parties, while admirable, will not win. They will spoil. Everyone on the left must make a choice. You can stick to your "principles" and vote your "conscience", but then you have zero right to complain about the Bush Administration and its runious policies.

Given the chance to appeal to a third party, I would rather the Democrats target the Libertarians -- with pro-gun, pro-privacy, and anti-PATRIOT act policies (Dean and Clark both score big with this). I fear the far left is lost, it's not just worth the effort to lose the center to pick up the left's 2 percent.

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