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Tuesday | April 22, 2003

Still no WMDs, and chances fading

With all of Iraq under US control, it's noteworthy that still no "weapons of mass destruction" have been found. It's even more noteworthy that Bush administration officials are losing hope any will be found.

With little to show after 30 days, the Bush administration is losing confidence in its prewar belief that it had strong clues pointing to the whereabouts of weapons of mass destruction concealed in Iraq, according to planners and participants in the hunt.

After testing some -- though by no means all -- of their best leads, analysts here and in Washington are increasingly doubtful that they will find what they are looking for in the places described on a five-tiered target list drawn up before fighting began.

So how do you start spinning this massive failure? Indeed, thousands died in order to secure the world from this so-called threat. So what if there was no threat to begin with?

Blame "Iraqi insiders" of stealing such info.

But wait -- if "Iraqi insiders" are stealing those WMDs, then...

If such weapons or the means of making them have been removed from the centralized control of former Iraqi officials, high-ranking U.S. officials acknowledged, then the war may prove to aggravate the proliferation threat that President Bush said he fought to forestall.
So let's recap. There are no WMDs, even by account of desperate administration officials -- negating the very rationale for war. And if there once were WMDs, they are now strewn far and wide by possibly unfriendly Iraqis (or even terrorists).

Glad things are working out just fine thanks to our Great Leader's "victory".

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