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Tuesday | April 29, 2003

Incubating new Democrats

Some of you dKos old-timers may recognize the title of this post. I wrote the original post back in October 24th, 2002. It was my joyous announcement at my wife's pregnancy. Less than a month later, we found at we had lost the baby.

So this time we were a bit more patient. We found out over a month ago that my wife was pregnant again. We waited out the first trimester, and now are ready to announce to the world:

We're pregnant! In fact, I just got back from our first ultrasound, and I saw the kid painting a "no blood for oil" sign inside the womb. Apparently he or she wants to hit the ground running!

Given our preliminary due date the baby may very well celebrate his/her first birthday on election night. Kind of appropriate, huh? Either that or ironic. I can't tell which.

In any case, the baby's first two words will be "mamy" and "papy". Afterward, we'll work on "Bush sucks". After he masters that important phrase, we'll start work on "Republicans lie to the American people to justify illegal wars in order to line the pockets of their fat-cat oil industry and military industrial complex benefactors."

And the political indoctrination process will be well on its way.

I'll give the baby another year or so to beef up on United States electoral history, 1950-present, after which he or she will work as a Daily Kos intern helping me do opposition research in the runup to the 2006 midterms.

In 2008, the kid, at the ripe old age of five, will take over Daily Kos in a bloodless palace coup.

I've got it all planned out.

Now, I just need to come up with safeguards to ensure the kid doesn't turn into Alex Keaton.

As I did the first pregnancy, I'll be writing about impending fatherhood at Fishyshark.com. All the material on that site is still from the first pregnancy, but I will start updating it again tonight.

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