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Wednesday | April 30, 2003

Gephardt riding high in Iowa

It's still early, no one is paying attention, blah blah blah. But, polls are still fun, and they are a great way to gauge momentum in political races.

And if the latest Zogby poll out of Iowa is any indication, it looks like the momentum is currently with Gephardt, while Lieberman is waning. Right now, the numbers are as follow (January's numbers in parenthesis):

Gephardt 25 (19)
Kerry 13 (11)
Lieberman 9 (17)
Dean 6 (2)
Zogby's press release doesn't include numbers for Edwards, other than to say that his support has "eroded". And given he's polled poorly in Iowa to date (under 5 percent in Zogby's January poll), that can't be encouraging for his campaign.

Lieberman's precipitous fall is startling, though not unexpected. Unless he can pull a serious fundraising surprise Q2 (which ends in June), his campaign will be dead in the water. At this pace he won't last the end of the year.

And since polls are the theme of the day, there's this gem of a graph from Gallup:

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