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Sunday | May 04, 2003

Early results on SC debate

I didn't see the Democratic SC debate. I hope to catch it tonight after I return to the Bay Area. But early reports suggest that Al Sharpton was the voice of reason:

One issue between [Dean and Kerry] was a statement attributed to Dean last month that the United States "won't always have the strongest military." Kerry aides questioned Dean's credentials as a potential commander in chief after the statement was published.

Dean protested Saturday that if Kerry questioned his fitness to hold the nation's highest office, "he should speak directly to me, rather than through his spokesman."

The Vermont governor said he was criticizing the Bush administration's "unilateralism" in Iraq. "No commander in chief would ever allow our military to shrink," he said.

Kerry, a Vietnam combat veteran, responded with a reference to comments he attributed to Dean critical of his support for gay rights, "I don't need any lectures from Gov. Dean," Kerry said, prompting an explanation from Dean that he was misquoted.

The Rev. Al Sharpton reminded his fellow Democrats that "Republicans are watching" so "let's not start fighting."

He said, "The bottom line (of the debate) should not be George Bush won because we fought with each other."

The State, a SC paper, has some fun quick hits, including this great quote from Sen. Hollings (who, incidentally, doesn't sound like he's anywhere near retirement as rumored):
On Bush's inability to build global support for the war in Iraq: "This is the only fella in history who got Germany not to go to war."

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