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Tuesday | May 06, 2003

Tom DeLay hits too close for comfort

You know things are pretty bad when Tom Delay's criticism of the Democratic Party hits a little too close for comfort:

In recent debate about tax relief, welfare reform, medical malpractice reform and other subjects, Democrats didn't even fight, [House Majority Leader Tom DeLay] said.

"Ladies and gentleman, the gang that couldn't shoot straight has now become the gang that won't shoot," he said. "They don't represent the little guy, like they have in the past. They don't
represent anyone but themselves. Their sole purpose now is to win elections and to accumulate power for its own sake."

Granted, the stuff about "accumulating power for its own sake" is way over the top, as is most of his additional criticism of the Democratic Party. But it's painful to hear DeLay say: "They don't represent the little guy, like they have in the past."

He's right.

The Dems are a joke right now. They remind me of two dwarf rabbits we have running around our house (they were rescued from abusive situations -- otherwise not my first choice for pets). The poor things, being at the bottom of the food chain, live in perpetual fear for their lives.

Every once in a while they get a little bold and take a nip at our toes (kind of like the Dem judicial filibusters), but any loud noise (tax cut!), and off they go, scurrying to their hiding place under our bed.

There is one obvious solution -- a real frontrunner needs to emerge in the crowded Democratic presidential field -- someone who the party can rally around. Someone that can start clearly spelling out the party's message heading into next year's all-important election cycle.

Who that will be is anyone's guess. But we need him bad.

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