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Thursday | May 08, 2003

Bush's campaign stunt story has legs

Bush's campaign speech on the USS Abraham Lincoln is receiving wide coverage, and doesn't seem ready to die down just yet.

And check out the Horse's extensive coverage. Take note how Bush/Rove have stolen a page from Putin:

Russian Acting President Vladimir Putin took a flight in a fighter jet to Chechnya on Monday, using the extraordinary trip to boost his image as a tough and decisive leader ahead of a presidential election. [...]

He wore a bomber jacket and pilot's mask and Itar-Tass news agency said Putin even flew the jet himself during the trip.

It worked so well for Putin that Rove just HAD to give it a shot here! But as the Horse notes:
Bush's favorable treatment (a slot in the [Air National Guard] even though he performed abysmally on his tests) followed by his desertion is finally going to be an issue, ironically because Karl Rove has made it one.
Rove is not onmipotent, even though he may seem that way sometimes.

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