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Saturday | May 17, 2003

Tears of Joy, Tears of Rage

Tears of Joy: our friend Dwight Meredith of Politics, Law and Autism blogs a personal breakthrough this week, in a post you simply must read to appreciate.

Tears of Rage: PLA recounts this happy development in context of comments by a prominent media blowhard, one of the Right's self-appointed Guardians of Decency. Again, you must read to appreciate.

In the procedural tail of an incident I described earlier this week, one phrase comes up again and again: "A lot of people wouldn't have gotten involved."

Like it or not, we are involved. We are not isolated atoms ... and if we think like atoms, we'll be gobbled up by macromolecules.

We are family. We are community. We are partners in something so big nobody can see its beginning or end. We are in this together.

Sure, you can look the other way when something victimizes your brothers and sisters ... but that same something -- only bigger and bolder -- will come back around to get you.

Don't look the other way. Don't stand by. Stand up. When you stand up for each other, you stand up for yourself.

Know your enemy. Know your own strength. Stand up to street thugs. It's the liberal thing to do.

While you're at it, stand up to neofascist media bullies.

Stand up to billion-dollar financial parasites.

Stand up to trillion-dollar political predators.

It's the liberal thing to do.

Tomorrow, as promised, some Things You Can't Say on Television. Checking out for the day ... please don't feed the trolls. There's a throng of needy second-graders needin' a day at the zoo, so Up, Up and Away!!!

RonK, Seattle

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