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Wednesday | May 21, 2003

Whitman resigns EPA

Christie Whitman is history. Wants to "spend time with family" (until a big DC lobbying firm offers the right price).

Bush is prepping the troops for the 2004 battle, clearing out some of the less committed:

As Bush gears up his re-election campaign, the White House has advised that if senior staff and Cabinet members are thinking of leaving the administration, this is the time to resign; otherwise, they will be expected to remain aboard until after the 2004 election if Bush wins a second term.
Bush has had a remarkably stable administration. It makes sense for him to purge those less committed to helping campaign for him and seeing things through to 2008 (god forbid).

Who would replace Whitman? No word yet, but the article offers this in all seriousness:

One name mentioned by administration officials as a possible successor was ... Josephine Cooper, president of the Alliance of Automobile Manufacturers.
Ha ha! Why not really say "fuck it" and nominate the president of the American Association of Corporate Polluters to head the Agency?

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