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Friday | May 23, 2003

MD passes medical marijuana bill

In a huge setback to the Bush Administration's ridiculous "war on drugs", Republican Gov. Ehrlich shrugged off administration pleas and signed a bill legalizing marijuana for medicinal use.

While other states have passed such laws, Bush hoped to pressure Ehrlich, a fellow GOPer, to kill the bill.

Tom Riley, spokesman for the Office of National Drug Policy, calls Maryland's medical marijuana law ''unfortunate.''

Some think ''that (marijuana) is a powerful medicine denied to those who are suffering,'' he says. ''But NORML and other well-organized, well-funded groups backing these laws aren't medical groups. They've got an agenda to legalize all marijuana.''

However, this is a battle that anti-drug warriors are destined to lose. Indeed, Republicans in the Southwest have been in the forefront of decriminalization efforts. And even in Maryland, Republicans are starting to embrace the issue:
A sponsor in the state Senate, Republican David Brinkley, says he was moved by accounts of cancer patients who said pot, unlike prescribed painkillers, allowed them to stay alert while being treated for pain.

Ehrlich had a brother-in-law whose unsuccessful battle with cancer would have been made easier by marijuana, an aide to the governor says.

The Bush Administration has gone so far as to threaten Canada when our northern neighbor passed a law decriminalizing marijuana use. And lets not forget the federal raids on California's marijuana clubs (legally approved by the state's voters).

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