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Tuesday | May 27, 2003

Montana governor's race competitive

Democrats made some surprising inroads in state houses in 2002, winning the governorships of some unlikely states such as Wyoming, Oklahoma and Kansas. That trend may continue through 2004, as Democrats look to take another governorship of a solidly red state. The new target? Montana.

The latest Lee Newspapers poll shows Gov. Judy Martz (R) losing to Brian Schweitzer (D) (the 2000 Senate candidate) by a 52-24 margin. This margin is similar to internal polling numbers, based on the rumors floating around. There is no word yet on whether she'll run for reelection. Her straight up approval rating is hovering at 18 percent, as is her generic reelect.

Secretary of State Bob Brown (R), likely to run for Governor if Martz steps down, is up 2 points against Schweitzer 40-38, in what could be a close race if it materializes.

While Dem victories in these states do little for the party's presidential chances, they are essentially the national party's "farm system", providing credible, well-known candidates for future federal office.

And contrast the latest crop of fiscally responsible Democrats to their tax-raising GOP counterparts, and you have the possibility of a long-term realignment in some traditionally Dem-hostile states. (See here and here.)

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