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Thursday | May 29, 2003

Rockefeller rips lack of WMDs

Closer to home, it seems Democrats are, one by one, starting to locate their backbones. The latest is WV's Sen. Rockefller -- the ranking Democrat on the Senate intelligence committee.

Sen. Jay Rockefeller of West Virginia challenged comments by Bush administration officials that the weapons were well-hidden and may not be located soon.

"You can't quite say that it's going to take a lot more time if the intelligence community seemed to be in general agreement that WMD was out there," Rockefeller said in an interview.

Rockefeller said that if the weapons were so well concealed, the United States should have considered giving U.N. inspectors more time to find them [...]

"In the business of WMD, and proving to the American people your case, you've got to come up with WMD. It's not happened," he said.

Also, Rockefeller, working with committee chair Pat Roberts (Kansas GOPer) are pushing the FBI and CIA to investigate the forged documents Bush used as evidence Saddam was building a nuclear program.
Rockefeller said either intelligence agencies hadn't detected the forgery, or they suspected the documents were forged, but may have faced political pressures to rethink that view.

"In either case, it's not a very happy outcome," he said.

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