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Friday | May 30, 2003

US forces won't get international relief

It's bizarre, I know, but it seems the US had hoped international forces would flood into Iraq after the war to relieve US occupying forces. Obviously, after insulting half the world, and ranting about "punishing" some of the world's most powerful nations (Russia, Germany, France, China, etc.), the US has found itself isolated and with little hope of relief.

I mean, if you throw your lot in with Uzbekistan, Ethiopia and Eritria, don't expect tens or hundreds of thousands of international troops to help with the occupation. And give that Iraq is nowhere near being pacified, no one can truthfully be expected to replace that American GI in the crosshairs.

Not to mention that many potential US allies are already stationing forces in Afghanistan (NATO will be sending 5,500 troops for peacekeeping duties in that now-forgotten nation).

The US has gotten committments for only 13,000 troops, and Britain has already pulled 20,000 from the country. The net result? The US will not be able to relieve the troops that did most of the fighting and dying during the active phase of the war. The Army's 3rd ID, in fact, will be placed back in combat duty, depite the fact it is combat inoperative thanks to a lack of spare parts.

The Bush Administration sure has a funny way to show "support" for our troops.

Update: US forces face uprising in small town, are forced to withdraw.

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