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Monday | June 02, 2003

New Hampshire's newest Democrat

New Hampshire has a Republican governor. The State Senate has 18 Republicans and six Democrats. The State House gives the GOP an eye-popping 281 to 119 advantage.

So why the heck would any Republican in that state decide to switch parties? State Rep. Corey Corbin switched parties a few weeks ago, and in this editorial, explains why:

The GOP proclaims itself the party of fewer taxes, of lower burdens on the people. Yet just last year, it was GOP-crafted legislation that led to the largest business and telecommunication tax increases in state history. In addition, the republican majority voted three times in one day, just this year, to increase the property tax burden on home owners by enacting the "C" budget in the House.

... The republican party advocates a good and "adequate" education for all children. Yet GOP actions in the House have repeatedly thwarted the efforts of public school systems to better educate our kids. How? By supporting legislation that ends the state's responsibility to pay for education; by pushing for funding for charter schools when the money doesn't exist; by refusing funding for programs like early literacy and programs for children with disabilities.

These are not the actions of a party that truly wishes to better the lives of the people it pretends to represent.

And so, after much deliberation and soul searching, I decided that my efforts were better spent advancing the cause of the common-man. I decided that I would join a party that champions the family, the little guy - the work-a-day people who make this state the great place to live, work and raise our kids we know it to be. I became a Democrat.

We're so used to seeing Democrats run right, and seeing many of them become Republicans, that one can only hope this is a harbinger of good things to come.

We're overdue for a favorable swing of that pendelum.

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