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Monday | June 09, 2003

Full Disclosure

I've been on the road a lot the past few months. Some of it was for my day job as a web developer. But the bulk of it was for my new political consulting firm (alongside my partner).

I spent this weekend in Burlington, VT, where we officially accepted work on behalf of presidential candidate Howard Dean. Dean joins a Senate candidate in our still small but hopefully growing roster of clients.

Of course, this means many of you will accuse of me of certain biases (with good reason).

That's fine. I never claimed to be free of bias. But I've always been able to see past such biases to do what I love to do -- analyze the political landscape. For example, I'm biased against Gephardt, yet have had no problem slapping him in first for the Cattle Call. My approach to writing will remain unchanged. I won't turn this into a rah-rah for Dean site. That's just not my style.

Ultimately, I trust you all to take what I write with the proper grain of salt, fully appraised of whatever conflicts of interest I may have.

But for the record, I will not discuss my role within the Dean campaign, other than to say it's technical, not message or strategy. I will also not discuss any of my other clients, including their identities (I have non-disclose agreements to which I must adhere).

Some of you may be upset, but there's nothing I can do about it. I have to make my living, and if I can do so helping Democrats win elections, I can't imagine anything more exciting and fulfilling.

Some of you Deanies may take this as an opportunity to gloat. Don't. It's not like I'm some big catch or anything. As some unnamed rival campaign noted in the New Republic, I'm just one of many "obscure bloggers". I'm cool with that. It's an accurate observation.

More importantly, I respect the entire Democratic Party field of candidates, and I think all of them would be an improvement over King George. Even Lieberman. I'll work my ass off to help our eventual nominee get elected President of the United States.

But there's only one campaign that plays the game in my world -- the virtual world -- and was a natural fit for the kinds of services I could help provide. The Dean campaign wants to prove that the Internet can and will change the way campaigns are organized and run.

I want to help prove them right.

Clarification: Before your speculations get too out of hand, let me just make clear that we are not in charge of anything over at Dean for America. We are merely technical advisors. It's really not that big of a deal. On some of the other races we are/will be working, our role will be much bigger. But Dean already has a capable web and technology team. We are just being plugged in to that already successful group of people.

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