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Thursday | June 19, 2003

What are PA Dems waiting for?

James Capozzola of the Rittenhouse Review has officially bowed out of the PA Senate race.

That move was not unexpected, as running a race at the Senate level is not inexpensive. It takes either millions or a well-established network of millionaire financiers. I don't think James is the former, and he probably didn't have the latter. Still, I was impressed just by his willingness to even consider the grueling process. You'll never see me consider public office.

But he signs off his concession post (a blogosphere first, I'm sure) with the following tease:

Iíve learned recently that Sen. Specter will almost certainly face a strong and experienced Democratic opponent in the general election, one far more capable than me of the challenge at hand. All of you will learn the name soon enough, and I canít wait to blog aggressively on this candidateís behalf.
Why be coy? I'm sure the yet-unamed candidate is still not ready to go public. I just can't believe that at this stage of the campaign season we still don't have candidates lining up for the Democratic Party nomination.

Sen. Specter is showing his age. He faces a spirited and dangerous challenge from his right in the GOP primaries. Even if he survives the wingnut attack from Rep. Pat Toomey, he'll emerge broke and bloodied -- in other words, not a monolothic incumbant Senator.

Given PA's resurgent Democratic Party, not to mention all the former Democratic US representatives that got redistricted out of jobs this past election cycle, why the deafening silence on the Dem side of the campaign? Heck, there doesn't seem to be any shortage of potential candidates...

I think the biggest problem is that Democrats (including Capozzola) see "man-on-dog" Santorum as an easier target. Expect about 223 Democrats to vie for the nomination in 2006. Thing is, they could get a leg up for 2006 by running against Specter. Name recognization will be invaluable in a crowded field. What better way to build that name ID than to start running now?

So who is Capozzola's mystery candidate? If I had to guess I'd go with Joseph Hoeffel or Tim Holden, but I suppose we'll all just have to wait and see.

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