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Friday | June 27, 2003

Dean wins Moveon primary, but not really

Dean wins Moveon primary, but didn't reach 50 percent threshhold.

So no Moveon money and support yet, but it does show Dean with a commanding lead amongst the activist Moveon crowd.

317,647 people cast votes. The results:

Dean: 139,360 (43.87%)
Kucinich: 76,000 (23.93%)
Kerry: 49,973 (15.73%)
Edwards: 10,146 (3.19%)
Gephardt: 7,755 (2.44%)
Graham: 7,113 (2.24%)
Braun: 7,021 (2.21%)
Undecided: 6,378 (2.01%)
Other: 6,121 (1.93%)
Lieberman: 6,095 (1.92%)
Sharpton: 1,677 (0.53%)
Moveon originally planned on staging this is a "runoff" election, featuring only Dean, Kucinich and Kerry. Somewhere along the way they changed their minds, included all the candidates, and added the "Other" and "Undecided" categories.

Beats me why they did that. Probably for self-promotion purpose. This primary received a great deal of press, and they probably figured having the runoff sometime in Q3 would allow the origanization to reap additional coverage for the organization, which ultimately is a good thing. Perhaps not for Dean today, but he'll win any runoff next quarter, and Moveon will be richer and more able to support lots of wonderful progressive causes.

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