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Saturday | June 28, 2003

Okay, Clark may run after all

I wrote a while back that Clinton's fundraising team and top consultants had, for the most part, remained uncommitted this election cycle. I speculated that these individuals were sitting back and waiting for Gen. Wesley Clark to announce.

As time passed, I thought it less likely that Clark would run, especially as his star rose as a potential VP pick -- he could get the VP slot without having to prostrate himself to donors to fund his race.

But this makes me think a Clark candidacy is imminent:

While he's making no endorsements, former President Clinton says fellow Arkansan Wesley Clark would make a good president if he should decide to run.

Clinton says he has been impressed by the retired Army general's career from its inception, as a cadet at the U.S. Military Academy, where Clark finished first in his class.

"He has always exceeded in every endeavor," Clinton told The Associated Press on Friday, noting in particular Clark's major role as NATO commander, when he ran the 1999 Kosovo air war that drove Serb forces out of the embattled Serbian province.

"While I cannot take sides in the Democratic primary, I believe Wes, if he runs, would make a valuable contribution because he understands America's security challenges and domestic priorities," Clinton said. "I believe he would make a good president."

Ha ha, that Clinton... regardless what he says, this is an endorsement. It's also a signal to those financiers and consultants -- hold on for Clark.

I think the odds are better than even that Clark will enter the race. This may merit 1) a "how he can win" post, and 2) another post about how a Clark candidacy would impact the rest of the candidates.

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