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Monday | June 30, 2003

Server problems

Well, days like today are the reason I have decided to buy a dedicated server for Daily Kos and place it at a local data center. I don't know whether it was my site that brought the server down, or one of the other sites that share that server (it only carries a handful, but they are all high-traffic sites).

In either case, it's frustrating to be down, especially in a day like today, with lots of good news.

I'll have the new server up and running within 10 days. I'm about to invest at least $1,000 in new hardware. If you ever thought about donating a little to the site, now would be a good time. I could really use the help to help take Daily Kos to new heights.

And hopefully within 45 days I will launch the new Scoop version of the site, with lots of great features, including the option to customize your homepage, maintain an online diary, help moderate user comments (to keep out trolls) and more.

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