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Monday | June 30, 2003

Nader considers White House run

I've tried to encourage a truce between Democrats and Nader voters in the interest of ousting Bush and returning this nation to some measure of normalcy.

That consideration, however, does not extend to Nader himself, especially since he's considering another White House run.

"It is quite clear that the Democrats are incapable of defending our country against the Bush marauders,'' Nader, 69, says. ''They have been unwilling to go all out to stop the destructive tax cuts for the wealthy. They have been soft on corporate crime. They have gone along in almost every issue except judicial appointments. They have cowered, surrendered or divided themselves.

''So what are you to replace Bush with? They won't go after him the way I could,'' says the longtime consumer activist...

Nader seems to be driven by nothing more than myopic self-interest and arrogance. Indeed:
Nader says his candidacy could boost the vote for Democratic candidates by up to 4%, but he doesn't say how he came up with that number. ''It is a question of how badly they want to win," he says. ''They know my phone number."
They know his phone number? What the heck is that supposed to be? The man refused to campaign in safe Dem states, instead campaigning the final week in close states like Florida, MN and Oregon. And now the Democrats are supposed to prostrate themselves before his holiness St. Nader?

Screw him. Let him run if he wants. It's a Democracy. But every vote for Nader can't be anything more than a vote for Bush. Anyone who thinks otherwise is deluded, and will get no respect for enabling our nation's systematic destruction by the Bush cabal.

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