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Sunday | July 06, 2003

Ambassador details administration LIE

In a NYT editorial, former US ambassador to Gabon Joseph Wilson exposes the administration's blatant LIES regarding the Niger uranium matter (that Iraq had attempted to purchase uranium from that African nation).

Those are the facts surrounding my efforts. The vice president's office asked a serious question. I was asked to help formulate the answer. I did so, and I have every confidence that the answer I provided was circulated to the appropriate officials within our government.

The question now is how that answer was or was not used by our political leadership. If my information was deemed inaccurate, I understand (though I would be very interested to know why). If, however, the information was ignored because it did not fit certain preconceptions about Iraq, then a legitimate argument can be made that we went to war under false pretenses. (It's worth remembering that in his March "Meet the Press" appearance, Mr. Cheney said that Saddam Hussein was "trying once again to produce nuclear weapons.") At a minimum, Congress, which authorized the use of military force at the president's behest, should want to know if the assertions about Iraq were warranted.

Congressional Republicans continue to insist that nothing is amiss, even as the American public is increasingly convinced the administration LIED to get its war on.

It's increasingly clear that Bush's chief re-election tool -- the Iraq War -- may very well be the albatross around his neck. Even a booming economy won't save Bush if things don't turn around quickly in Iraq. A quick victory with minimal casualties the public can accept, regardless of how many lies were used to sell the invasion.

But to have our men and women give their lives on the basis of Bush's LIES? It's a whole different ballgame.

Posted July 06, 2003 12:13 AM


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