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Friday | July 11, 2003

"Bush knew Iraq info was false"

The dam has finally burst.

CBS News is finally exposing the administration's LIES, and giving it top treatment in its website and broadcast:

Senior administration officials tell CBS News the President’s mistaken claim that Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa was included in his State of the Union address -- despite objections from the CIA.

Before the speech was delivered, the portions dealing with Iraq’s weapons of mass destruction were checked with the CIA for accuracy, reports CBS News National Security Correspondent David Martin.

CIA officials warned members of the President’s National Security Council staff the intelligence was not good enough to make the flat statement Iraq tried to buy uranium from Africa.

The Washington Post, has chimed in:
The CIA tried unsuccessfully in early September 2002 to persuade the British government to drop from an official intelligence paper a reference to Iraqi attempts to buy uranium in Africa that President Bush included in his State of the Union address four months later, senior Bush administration officials said yesterday.
About every media outlet in the nation is now running with the story.

So, what does this make of recent administration assertions that the SOTU address was properly vetted and approved by both the CIA and FBI? Or that they never received any of that CIA intel buried deep in the bowels of Langley? It means they are all liars.

It's funny how the CIA won't bite the bulled on behalf of Bush. It was obvious that once Bush and his cabal pointed their fingers at the CIA, that the CIA would start leaking the truth. And who is doing the leaking?

The Post piece quotes multiple "senior Bush administration officials". Hmmm, don't you think that Tenet might be one of those quoted? (I think it's painfully obvious.)

The LIES are so blatant that even Democrats have gone on the attack. It's good to see them join the party, however late. And the American public is no longer buying:

Now 58%
5/03 72%
4/03 79%
Telling most or all of what they knew about Iraq’s weapons 36%

Hiding important elements of what they knew 45%

Mostly lying about Iraqi weapons 11%

This is fast shaping up to be the story of the year, and the press is fast approaching "feeding frenzy" mode. Further leaks and the 9-11 report will further add fuel to the fire.

The lone holdout? None other than Fox News. At 9:45 p.m. PST, Foxnews.com gave this story top billing:

'Finally Get Me a Tractor With Brakes'

Their spending plans decidedly modest, Missouri couple come forward to claim half of $261.3M Powerball jackpot; other winning ticket sold in Pennsylvania


Posted July 11, 2003 12:30 AM


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